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1. Build Your StylePage

2. Tweet us the finished result to @StylePage or @StylePageRach

3. The Winner is picked in 2 weeks and featured on the homepage! 

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StylePage chats with Peter Kallen, Nau’s Head of Design!!

We love Nau!! And we were super excited to get a chance to sit down and chat with Peter Kallen, Nau’s Head of Design. We hope you love learning about them as much as we love looking a their line! 

How does Nau define fashion?Fashion occurs, you can’t create fashion, you create style. Our philosophy is to merge , or mash up, the spirit and freedom of outdoor with the energy and craft of design. This amalgamation is a new genre of apparel that Nau defines.  Fashion with a purpose is real we strive for style that works. 
Sustainability is a big part of your platform. Do you think it is the future of fashion?
Sustainability has to be the future of fashion and design. We have only so many resources and we have to find ways to reuse the waste and limit the use of new raw materials. Thankfully more companies are taking a look at the merits of sustainability and applying this info into there business models, I look forward to the day when sustainability is a given, not a marketing concept or value.   
What kind of things influence and inspire your collection?
Movement, craft, nature, minimalism, integration, protection, form, art, music, confidence, sense of discovery, timeless, relevance.  These words can help express what attributes we strive for in our collections.  Aim for a balance of  Beauty and Performance,  all with a ever present story of  Sustainability.
What pieces in your collection define your brand the best?
Each item in the collection has a reason to be , and embodies our design philosphy of Beauty, Performance , and Sustainability.  But to give a couple special shout outs, I would say on the women’s side the Crysalis Dress in the women’s collection really defines our style sense.  Its a beautiful textile created from recycled polyester, and it has been crafted into a striking silohuette that allows the wearer to manipulate the piece in a variety of ways to define the look they want to express, all the while protecting them from the elements.In the men’s collection we have a beautiful blazer called the Riding Jacket that merges technology with tailoring.  A piece that can be used for work , travel, and play.Cut to ride a bike in and end up at the black tie event.  
If Nau wasn’t an apparel company, what kind of design would come from it?We could easily apply our philosophy to furniture, footwear, or home goods for that matter.  I feel we have created a very distinct design language that could be expressed in a variety of mediums that would all embody the same mantra of Beauty, Performance, and Sustainability.  We have created product that has a bigger role then just style, its a vehicle for change.  It shows the importance of being responsible in business , and the voice that good design can have.

Calling all Designers!!!

We are kicking off a design competition to see who can create an awesome Signature T-Shirt for StylePage!

The Details:

  • Competition starts today, June 5th at 12pm PST and ends on June 15th at 6pm PST
  • The design must fit on a standard t-shirt 
  • The design must be able to be worn by women 
  • The artwork for the design should be sent in vector format with all colours coded to a PMS colour so we can print it;)
  • Any images that you use need to belong to you or you need to have permission to use
  • Email submissions to design-it@stylepage.com

We will announce the Winner and the runner up on June 16th at 12pm PST via Twitter, and the StylePage Blog. The winner will receive an invite to StylePage’s local VIP events as well as a blog interview and t-shirt
We are so excited to see what you will create!!!

Nicole Giordano tells us why she started Start Up Fashion!

We love Start Up Fashion, so when Nicole Giordano the founder agreed to chat with us, we were overjoyed! I love what she has done and the impact that her site has had. We also love of course the fact that she has been an avid user of StylePage! 


Why did you create Start Up Fashion? 

My background and education is in textiles. I was working in the field, sourcing for designers and, while helping them choose fabrics for their collections, I realized how hungry they were to learn more about textiles; properties, hand feel, end use, etc. They wanted an education.  I initially created StartUp FASHION as a editorial-driven blog where I wrote about my experience in the field and shared my knowledge of the science behind textiles. 

The blog has since evolved (as so many blogs do!) and really become a much more comprehensive resource for young, emerging designers to learn about different aspects of starting a fashion label.  While it’s still mainly editorial, we are working hard to implement a resource aspect to the site; introducing designers to manufacturing resources, important events, fabric sources, boutiques that buy from independent labels, etc. It’s a work in progress.

What resources do you think designers need the most access to? 

All of them!  Some of the topics we cover on StUF are textile sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and PR tips, digital media and social networking strategies, designer experiences….. the list goes on. Emerging labels, especially those started by designers who have not previously worked in the industry, are like sponges soaking up every last tid-bit.

 One of the things we love to do is interviews with emerging labels that are finding success and truly building a sustainable business model.  We ask them questions about their experience and for any advice they can offer. We think our readers really appreciate this. True business acumen is just as important as design talent…fantastic design will get people’s attention, business smarts with allow you to capitalize on that attention

What are the things that are really at the top of your mind right now in regards to fashion? 

Conscious Design, i.e. Ethical fashion is a major topic.  I’m not just talking about being environmentally friendly or going “organic”.  Those things are important but I believe that labels today need to have meaning behind them, they need to stand for something.  Consumers are quickly shifting from frivolous, fast fashion purchases and are becoming more of the mindset of wanting to feel good about what they buy. Emerging labels today have a leg up on the more established labels in that they can implement better practices right from the start and make them a stand out characteristic on their brand.

We write about it on StartUp FASHION a lot but my passion for the topic has also led to the creation of my personal blog,NicoleGiordano.com/blog where I cover all kinds of topics in ethical living, with an emphasis on fashion and style. So it’s definitely at the “top of my mind”!

Oh, another topic that really interests me is the state of the fashion industry today when it comes to textiles and manufacturing. The industry is in a major shift, everything from China’s role to the price of raw materials…it’s so exciting to watch and report on all that’s happening. I cover it a lot in my work as features editor on FashionablyMarketing.me

What are some things we can do to support the health and wealth of the fashion industry? 

Support the emerging labels, they are the next generation of fashion and have the ability to make real change in the industry. Purchasing from them is one way to support but so is sharing your love for them with your friends and networks. Utilize all of the amazing social and digital tools we are lucky enough to have at our fingertips. Spread the word on all your platforms and become an influencer- there really is no better way to help create the success of an emerging label.

What unique qualities do you bring to your work that you wish you saw more of in the industry overall? 

Well, I think my most valuable quality is my diverse background.  While always involved in the fashion industry, my focus has shifted over my decade-long career. I have a true understanding of the science behind the creation of textiles, I’ve started and run my own textile and accessory company as well as my own (with a partner) boutique public relations firm. I currently am a digital marketing and social networking consultant for various companies in the industry…. I’ve really delved in from all angles in order to have a true understanding of the industry. I think my clients and readers appreciate that. As for what I wish I saw more of, that’s a good question. I guess I wish I saw more big brands implementing better business practices, more consumers finding value in conscious fashion, more emerging designers succeeding in what they love….all the things that drove me to create StartUp FASHION.

The Things Nicole Loves!!


Shea Marie - Stylist and avid StylePage user gives the low-down on summer must haves!

One of  the best things about StylePage is the contact you can have with the Stylist and Fashion Blogger community. We asked Shea Marie one of our favourite Stylists for the low down on summer and how she decided to become a Stylist.

Check out her interview with StylePage!

What do you think are essential pieces for this summer? 

Nude and blush tones, white lace, sheers, high-low dresses and skirts, turquoise jewelry. This summer is all about being girly, romantic, and earthy. Long skirts and maxis made of lightweight, flowy materials… long wavy hair with floral headbands. That’s the kind of idea I imagine when thinking about Summer 2011. 

How do you think you can take an outfit from good enough to Fabulous? 

By adding great accessories. You can take a basic pair of jeans and a white tank top and turn it fabulous by adding, for example, a fun printed scarf, and a bunch of colorful jewelry and a great pair of platforms. A lot of the time its all about the accessories for me.

What are some of your tricks as a stylist that you use?

A lot of optical illusions! For example, I love flares because you can make legs look so much longer if you wear them with super high heels. It also makes you look a lot more thin. Or putting a fitting blazer over an outfit will make the waist area look slimmer. I have a lot of tricks like that that I use.

Thinking back to when you were little what were you the most into? 

I’ve always been very creative. From drawing, to building, singing, dancing, making home movies, etc. At some point or another I pretty much wanted to be everything and anything. 

Have you always loved styling and design? 

Yes, although it was mostly always a hobby for me until the past year where I really decided it was going to be my career. Before that I was studying Communications and Broadcast Journalism at a University. It wasn’t until after I graduated that I decided I was definitely going to work in fashion.

Do you remember the first time you put together a Fabulous outfit, what did it feel like?

I’ve always been very fashion savvy. My mom was a model and a photographer so she was always into fashion as well. I learned from her at an early age. I remember vividly this one outfit from when I was about 14. I got a compliment on it from the boy I liked, I think I wore it everyday for a week after that! It was this one pair of jeans (flares back when they were “in” in the early 2000’s), a hot pink halter top and a white belt with stars on it. Haha, it was probably pretty hilarious now that I think of it. 

If you could make 5 purchase suggestions for summer what would they be? 

A fun summer bag, maybe with a bohemian or native print; a couple of great scarfs you can use as bathing suit cover ups, a printed kimono instead of a jacket, a pair of Isabel Marant inspired pink denim shorts, and a sheer floral maxi. 

StylePage catches up with Randi Spoon of SpoonFashion

We love the designers that are on StylePage and Randi Spoon is one of our favourites! You can check out Randi’s StylePage below. We got the chance to chat with Randi about her designs as well as what issues designers are currently facing, and how she finds her inspiration. 

Our chat with Randi, check it out!

When did you realize that your passion was fashion?

Perhaps it was my love for barbies growing up combined with my tendency to carry a Crayola Crayon box like a purse. I always loved drawing, painting, and scribbling on anything I could get my hands on. I often found myself in trouble when my parents would wake up in the morning to colorful murals on their once pristine white walls. When I hit high school, I started to take notice of the fashion world and how clothing draped across the female figure. From then on I found myself only interested in drawing fanciful fashions. I made it my goal to sign up for all available fashion classes, activities, internships, you name it, and to get myself as educated and involved in the industry as possible. 

How do you gain inspiration for your designs?

Truthfully just by keeping my eyes open! I think and process information with a visual mind.  Just walking around, I see patterns, textures, shapes and almost automatically I translate it into various fashions. You can find inspiration in anything: nature, the changing of seasons, architecture, music, people’s personalities. Everything is inspiring as long as you open yourself up to and allow yourself to respond.

What issues do you feel are currently top of mind for designers like yourself? 

I think practicality is a huge concept for designers right now. The economy has affected everyone and people are not vicariously spending money like they used to. People are going back to the basics and figuring out how to get the most for their money. Simplicity is key.  Obviously the fun part of fashion is being as creative as possible and creating that ‘wow’ moment. But in this day in age, designers have to think more sensibly. The challenge is toning it down and figuring out how to channel that creativity into something that works for everyone on a daily basis.   

Why did you choose to move to NYC? 

 I come from Boston and I absolutely love that city. Unfortunately, I knew I couldn’t start a fashion line and give the label its best shot If I stayed in my comfort zone. NYC has all of the resources at hand. The fashion world exists and runs in this city. I would be doing myself an injustice to try to start a line anywhere else. Not to mention, the creative rhythm of the city is absolutely contagious. You force yourself to be inspired just by breathing the air. 

Why did you choose to be an independent designer and create your own brand? 

That’s the dream isn’t it? If you love fashion, study fashion, breathe fashion, isn’t the ultimate goal to create your own brand? At first, I found the idea of starting my own line extremely daunting. At times, I have to remind myself to stay in the present and to not let all of the overwhelming, unanswered questions get the best of me. But then I think, I have an opportunity to really TRY and give this thing its best shot. Forget the risk factor, because yes there is obvious risk involved. I am at an age where I can allow myself the ability to explore all opportunities. I haven’t laid any roots down anywhere and I have no obligations to anyone at this point. I’m in my young twenties. I’m at the age of exploration. I can take the risks now that in a couple years will have greater ramifications. For right now though, why not just enjoy the process, meet as many people as I can along the way and truly try to bring my visions to life.

How do you see the world for designers changing, or do you feel it is the same? 

Designers have to be more in tune with the digital age.  Nowadays, everything is online.  Between e-commerce and social media, designers need to have an online presence.  People are quickly stepping away from fashion magazines and newspapers and taking to the internet for their daily news.  Even more, people are doing more of their shopping online than they are visiting local malls and stores.  Social media is a huge resource with wonderful capabilities.  If the fashion industry can learn how to tap into the online world, they’ll reach a whole new generation of people accustomed to getting their information through blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This reasoning is what drives my social media presence.  I truly believe that video blogging throughout my creative design process will help distinguish my line and give it a personality.  I want to include my audience in my process, to hear their thoughts and use their opinions as a real resource.  Your audience is the greatest tool you can tap into and through social media.. it’s free!   

If you could share anything with other designers out there what would it be?

Talk with one another!  Share your resources and band together.  Yes, it would be nice if designers didn’t plagiarize as much as they did, but aside from that, I think designers should be as supportive of one another’s work as possible.  So much can come from helping one another out and recognizing one other’s talents.  

What keeps you going, on the days when the creative beast doesn’t visit?

Knowing that this is all for me at the end of the day and that this project is my baby.  I have to build it and make it grow.   Hopefully I will see success at the end of the line, but in the meantime, I have to tell myself that the journey is the most exciting part of the whole process.  I will never have this first year back.  These next few months are the most exciting because I have no foundations and no knowledge of how to start a line.  It’s all a learning process for me and I have to embrace that fact! Don’t get me wrong, some days are tough and I most certainly feel defeated.  I get caught in my own head and tend to over think EVERYTHING.  It’s tough not having anyone else to work with and to use as a sounding board.  Sometimes the best thing is receiving a true critique and hearing the response of others.  In the end, you are not your own customer.  It’s the people around you and its important to open a line of communication with these people and see how they respond to your work.  

If you love Randi, as much as we do make sure to follow her on StylePage! 

One of Randi’s inspiration sketches:
Randi wearing some of her designs 

I Want to Invite My Friends!!

So I got an email this morning asking, “how can I invite my friends to StylePage?” “Do they have to go to the site and request an invite, if I’m already on StylePage?” 

Nope, all you have to do is go to your home page and down on the right hand side under Who to Follow is  ”Help improve the StylePage community by inviting your friends” Just click on the blue link.

You will come to a page that asks for three email addresses (mine has more ;)

Just type in the email addresses of your three friends, that you would like to invite and Voilà done! Friends invited;) 

Your friends will then receive an email from StylePage saying that you invited them. They will then be asked to click on link and create a profile.

Happy Friend Inviting! 

Style Search - find what you are looking for!

We are so excited about releasing our newest feature!! Search. Now you can use the search bar to look for things like Shoes, Handbags, Skirts, and even more detailed searching like Aviators, Wedges, Braids, oh and dare I say Hipster;) 

It’s so easy just type into search what you are looking for like “Shoes”

And you will get back all of the photos that have been tagged with “Shoes” 

Our hope is that you can find more stylist things and connect to the folks that know about them. I just found a great pair of shoes by using the comments section and another by checking out the URL that the photo linked to. 

Lubna Salah from House of Shakti Talks With StylePage About What Inspires Her Designs

One of the trends this spring is Jewelry with a spiritual side, the colour of stones being used and the metals like rose gold are really eye catching. I have become obsessed with this look, as well as the stones that are used and the way the colours are put together. And who couldn’t use some healing energy being sent their way! 

I reached out to Lubna on StylePage after seeing her upload the most amazing Necklace!

 I just had to have it!!! I reached out to her through our comments section to find out where she had gotten it, only to lean that it was her design and from her shop House of Shakti in LA!

My necklace is AMAZING!!! it also showed up at my house with the most amazing packaging EVER!

So I reached out to Lubna again to ask her if she would be willing to do an interview with me on what makes her design and what inspires her. Check out her interview below:

1.     As a designer how do you come up with your ideas?

My ideas come from literature and music. Be it affirmations, poems, lyrics, quotes, books, or stories, many of them promote healing of the mind-body-spirit. Once I have the words in mind and heart, I tap into my Shakti energy, the divine creative feminine in all of us, and sit and work.

2.     What aspects in your daily life contribute to the pieces you create? 

I think every aspect of my daily life contributes.  I try to practice mindfulness as much as possible.  This means that I bring awareness to even the most seemingly minor things in life.  Sometimes it’s those things that inspire creativity. It could be a meal I just cooked or a sign I came across on the road.  That is the power of creativity; you can make something out of what seems to be nothing.

3.     What lead you what you are currently doing? Why Jewelry? Why Jewelry focused on healing?

 A few year ago I had my own major health issues and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then I discovered many new practices and forms of alternative, holistic medicine such as yoga and crystal healing. I had experienced my own energetic breakthroughs with crystals.  I had also always loved fashion. Healing jewelry seemed to be a natural marriage of my desire to heal and my love for fashion. The idea that you could make something beautiful that can also be healing is a dream come true.

4.     What is your greatest inspiration? 

 My greatest inspiration is love. A lot of times that inspiration manifests itself through the work of Rumi, Hafiz, and Kahlil Gibran.  Reading them inspires me to see the beauty of the world all around me, no matter where I am.  

5. Which pieces are your favourite? 

My favorite pieces are my Archangel Michael Necklace and bracelet for protection.  I also really love the Mala for Self-Mastery and Kuan Yin Bracelet.

Check out some of Lubna’s Pieces below! 

We are live!

You can now check out some of the profiles on the site: http://www.stylepage.com/browse

Here’s a sneak peek of a StylePage. We’re launching next week!

Here’s a sneak peek of a StylePage. We’re launching next week!

We are launching soon!

StylePage is about expressing and exploring your style.
Flipping through a fashion magazine one day I felt things were a little one-sided. What do real people on the street wear? Would it work on me? Where and how can I explore my own style beyond shopping with a few close friends?
We’ve built StylePage to let you share your creativity and expression of yourself and your life. With StylePage you can share your interests in an environment that lets you learn, live and love your own style.
StylePage helps you explore your own style by encouraging interaction through comments, helpful tips and by following the expression of other people you like. It’s like having 100 girlfriends to go hang and chat with.
By following other people on StylePage you’ll be able to see what’s working, what’s new and what other people are finding stylish.

Because StylePage is about personal expression we encourage you to upload real photos rather than just products you see on the web. It’s more about what works for you, rather than what looks good in a brochure.

StylePage also let’s you get a celebrity fix with great examples of style from leading stylists, celebrities and fashion bloggers.

The mission of Stylepage: share what’s stylish.

I recently created my own StylePage - with photos of some of my favourite outfits, expressions as well as my new DIY living room project. You can get a great sense from my page of the things I find stylish and the looks that I love.

Stay tuned for pics!

In the meantime, request an invite here so you can be one of the first on the site: www.stylepage.com

-Julia & the StylePage team